Alev Dedeoglu - Coach and Consultant

Professional Coaching

Are you ready to power up your career?

If your answer is “yes!”, you are in the right place. I help women in the corporate world to pivot their next steps at work. I coach you to power up your career.

Especially, we women still to this day, have withholding beliefs. This is also where my coaching starts. Unfolding each of the beliefs, which mind keep you away to level up your career.

Often we spend a lot of time learning skills, for example, programming, but we never put the time and effort to work on ourselves.

This is what coaching is: investing in yourself and bringing the best out of you first.

I have been there myself as a woman of color in three multinational companies. The more I worked to strengthen my skills, the more I understood my unique gifts. With that I got more confident, I stepped into my own power, and this brought great results for my projects as well.

Coaching was the most important key.

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