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Magdalena SommerAustria

"Dear Alev, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the coaching! I was able to build trust in you immediately and you accompanied me wonderfully in finding solutions myself. You have a very fine sense of which words are needed or which questions to awaken new energies and solutions in people. Immediately afterwards, I felt new motivation, my head was freer and my thoughts more organized. I thank you with all my heart".

Swetlana KonkovGermany

"Alev, many thanks for your encouraging words. You said empowering things, gave me new ideas and approaches that I really want to try to integrate. Some things are so deeply rooted in me that I really had to hear them first. I really want to be able to go my way, it's worth it. I see it in you too, how nice it is with you".  ​

Zeynep SargutUSA

"I know Alev for two years and each conversation I had with her, she helped me to see myself hiding deep inside and be myself in my journey. I feel listened without any judgement and she earned my full trust. Thank you"!

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